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Power Monitoring Expert 8.2 - I have enabled IEEE519 on my ION 9000 meter but when I run the Harmonic Compliance report no data is returned?

Published date: 08 January 2020

I have  Power Monitoring Expert 8.2 system that includes an ION 9000 meter. I have enabled the IEEE519 framework. When I try to run the Harmonic Compliance report, the report runs, but no data is returned. When I check the IEEE519 logs for this meter in Vista, there is data.

Product Line
Power Monitoring Expert 8.2 and older

Power Monitoring Expert 8.2 and older
Running a Harmonic Compliance report

The PME 8.2 version of the Harmonic Compliance report was based the IEEE 519-1992 standard. This is not compatible with the ION 9000 or other new HEP (high end platform) meters/frameworks.

The only resolution is to update Power Monitoring Expert to version 9.0 or later which provides an updated version of this report - the Harmonics Compliance 2014 report

Additional Information
The same behaviour and resolution applies to the PM8000 with firmware v2.x and higher.

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