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How to setup PowerTag Communication Status alarms in Power Monitoring Expert v9.0 and v2020

Default communication loss (software) alarms setup in PME for PowerTag devices won’t work.

PME - Web App > Alarms

PowerTag is the wireless device and Acti9 collects data from PowerTag and send that data to PME.

Even though if communication breaks between Acti9 and PowerTag, PME still able to communicate Acti9 so the normal process of creating Comm Loss alarms will not work as the Comm Loss flag will be set by Acti9 in PME (but not the actual PowerTag device).

In PME for the device type ‘Power Tag’, the communication status is getting updated against measurement ‘Communication Status’ and somehow this is still a custom measurement and same can’t be accessed in PME Web (but same is available for vista diagrams).

Below steps explains how to setup Communication Loss alarms using alarm template ‘Realtime Digital Setpoint’ for PowerTag device measurement ‘Communication Status’.
Step 1> Expose custom measurement ‘Communication Status’, so that topic is created and can be accessible in WebApp under source/measurements tabs. To do so
  • Open Management Console > Tools > Manual Data Editor (MDE).
  • In MDE tool click on ‘Create new Measurement’
  • Enter details as below and click ‘Create’
  • Close all the MDE related windows.

Step 2> Create Alarm for Power Tag device in PME Web app >
Wait for some time or restart ‘ION Application Modules Core Services Host’ service so that this new measurement appears in PME web app.
  • Navigate to Settings > Configuration Tools > Alarm Configuration (in PME web)
  • Select All\User Defined and click on ‘Realtime Digital Setpoint

  • Under Measurements select ‘Communication Status’ and click ‘Next’
  • Enter details as below and click ‘Next’
  • Select all the Powertag devices under available sources and click ‘Next’
  • Select ‘None’ as alarm schedule and click ‘Next’
  • Enter the rule name and click ‘Finish’
  • In order to get Communication loss alarms from PowerTag device make sure the rule just now added is Enabled in ‘Alarm Configuration’ screen.

From now on you can able to see communication loss alarms in active alarm viewer as soon as power tag devices loses its communication with Acti9 gateway.
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