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How to change timeout settings for Power Monitoring Expert 2020 Web Apps and Thick Apps

Published date: 17 April 2020

User would prefer the timeout setting of the Web Application, Vista, Designer, or Management console to be longer or shorter that the default setting (20 minutes).

Product Line
Power Monitoring Expert 2020 (PME 2020)

Web Application
Vista, Designer, Management Console

The way to change the timeout setting has changed from older versions. To change the timeout settings in PME 9.x follow this KB: FA382828

This setting is now configure with in the Web Applications. To open the Web Applications navigate to htttp://SERVERNAME/web. Once in the Web Applications navigate to the settings tab. After clicking on the settings tab, the Settings Library will appear. In the Settings Library click on Security, then the option for Session Timeout will appear. Click on Session Timeout to change the timeout settings. In here there are two sections. The top section only controls the Web Applications, while the bottom controls Windows Applications (Vista, Designer, Management console). To make applications never time out click the slider button to disable the time out feature. To change the period of time it takes for the application to timeout enter the desired timeout time in the box associated with the application you want to change the setting for. Once the desire settings are set click Save to apply the changes.

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