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How to edit the polling interval for a range of devices without editing the meter

Published date: 31 March 2020

The polling of the meter may want to be edited when modem communications are being used, but the meter cannot be edited due to permissions for a meter that is not under ownership of the user

PME 7.x, 8.x, 9.x, PME 2020

Meter Polling

Some meters aren’t owned by the facility that is collecting information from them, i.e. a utility, and therefore cannot be edited. The polling interval may need to be changed if modem communications are being used to communicate to the meter. 

The LogAcquisitionControl-Schema.xml file can be edited to change the polling interval of a meter or group of meters. This polling interval is what PME uses to for each device, it is not the polling interval that is set onboard the device. The LogAcquisitionControl-Schema.xml is located at Dive \Program Files (x86)\Schneider Electric\Power Monitoring Expert\config\cfg\logsrv
See below on how to edit the polling interval. Also PME has included an example of the file called LogAcquisitionControl-Example.xml that one can use to fit your situation.

<DeviceType Name="8500" PollingInterval="15">
      <Recorder H="0xf8b" Polling="Off"/>

This Example would apply to all devices beginning with the name “a.8500_*” .  The star denotes a wild card so any characters can come after the underscore as long as the device name begins with “a.8500_” If only one meter is desired input the exact name of the meter. 

    <Device Name="a.8500_*" Polling="Off"/>

This would change the polling interval to 30 seconds for a specific meter named “a.8500_2”.

    <Device Name="a.8500_2" PollingInterval="30">

Editing is to be done in Notepad, or WordPad. After the edit is done save the file in the same location and restart services for the change to take effect. 


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