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How do we export the Security User Group Data from an Harmony HMI running EcoStruxure Operator Terminal Expert?

Published date: 26 May 2020

Looking for a way to extract the Security User Group data from the HMI that runs the EcoStruxure Operator Terminal Expert Runtime

Product Line:
Harmony HMI, EcoStruxure Operator Terminal Expert

When using the Harmony HMI (HMIG3U, HMIST6, HMISTO7), it is possible to extract the Security User Group information and write it to a USB flash drive. This procedure below will outline how to do so.

1) Create a new Security User Group
2) Create a new User and assign it a password. For our example, we will use "User1" as the username and "test" as the password.
3) Next, create 4 objects on the screen and label them "Login", "Logout", "Export" and "Import". For our example we created a TextBox and put it over a rectangle.
4) Once the objects are created, switch from Screen editing mode to Script editing mode.
5) First create a script to Login to the HMI. We do so by selecting a When "Click" block. 
6) Assign a Screen Object to the When "Click" block and choose the Text Box for "Login".
7) Next attach a Security Block to the When "Click" block and choose "PopupSystemLoginDialog"
8) Replicate the same script block but choose the respective Logout, Export, and Import objects and Security operations for the 3 other objects on the screen.

During execution of the application on the HMI, insert a USB memory stick before you proceed.

1) On the screen, first press the Export button. You will be prompted to create an Encryption Key. Enter as desired and remember the key as you will need it upon re-importing the file. Press OK.
2) Now the file will be saved on the USB memory stick. Move the USB memory stick to your PC with EcoStruxure Operator Terminal Expert.
3) To modify the file, you will need to use the UserManagement Tool of EcoStruxure Operator Terminal Expert. It is found under: C:\Program Files\Schneider Electric\EcoStruxure Operator Terminal Expert 3.1 Service Pack 1\Tools\UserManagementTool. Double click on the file UserManagementTool.exe
4) Once the tool starts, Open the file on your USB media.
5) You will be prompted for the Encryption Key you created previously. Enter the key to proceed.
6) Now you will be able to add a user, change a password, or delete a user. Go ahead and do so and save the changes.

Once the file is saved, bring the USB flash drive back to the HMI and follow this procedure:

1) Press the Import button and enter the Encryption Key as you previously created.
2) Once this is complete, the new user and updated passwords will be written to the system.
3) Test the new changes by using the new login credentials.


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