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PowerLogic ION7300 series

Highly-configurable meters for feeders or critical loads

End of commercialisation

Compact energy and power quality meters for feeders or critical loads

PowerLogic ION7300 series
  • Features

    A choice of feature sets is offered through three models:

    • ION7300: revenue-class power and energy metering, harmonics measurement (to 15th), analogue I/O, digital outputs, RS-485 port, and web server (Ethernet option only).
    • ION7330: adds event logging, min/max logging, 32-channel historical logging, set points, digital inputs, two RS-485 ports, modem, gateways, and email (Ethernet option only).
    • ION7350: adds 96-channels of historical logging, dip/swell monitoring, harmonics measurement to 31st, waveform capture, and call-out on alarm

    Characteristics (some features are optional):

    • Panel-mount, LCD display, available without display
    • 3-phase, 4-quadrant metering, class 0.5 revenue-accurate (IEC & ANSI)
    • Voltage, current, power, frequency, power factor, demand, energy, and time-of-use metering
    • 64 samples/cycle waveform capture, dip/swell monitoring, harmonics measurement (up to 31st)
    • Sequence-of-events, coincident minimum/maximum, historical trends, and high-speed snapshot recording, 1 ms resolution timestamping
    • 4 analogue inputs, 4 analogue outputs, 4 digital status/counter inputs, 4 digital control/pulse outputs
    • 12 set points for alarms and control, 1 second response, multi-condition, call out on alarm
    • 5 communication ports: Ethernet, modem, 2 x RS-485, RS-485, front panel optical, Profibus port (ION7300 only)
    • Protocols: Modbus RTU slave, Modbus TCP, DNP 3.0 (ION7330/7350 only), MV-90
    • Ethernet and modem gateways to 31 devices on RS-485 port
    • On-board web server, email for alarms and data logs


    Make sure you don't miss a thing

    The PowerLogic ION7300 series meters help you:

    • reduce energy and operations costs
    • improve power quality, reliability and uptime
    • optimize equipment use
      for optimal management of your electrical installation and greater productivity


    • Analysis of efficiency, losses and capacity
    • Cost allocation and sub-metering
    • Power quality monitoring
    • Problem notification and diagnosis
    • Demand or power factor management
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