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Acti 9 - Isobar Chassis

Acti 9 - Isobar Chassis

  • Features

    Isobar's unique busbar disconnection system with a switched neutral feature, combines an encapsulated busbar system, shrouding and high levels of performance making it one of the safest chassis in the market for both the installer and end user.
    • Incomer options: Din mounted incomer. Eg C60 MCB, RCCB, isolator or terminal block
    • Bare cable connection kit
    • Lugged cable connection kit
    • Compact NS MCCB & Interpact INS connection
    • Busbar current capacity of 250A (180A with neutral kit)
    • Current carrying capacity of outgoing tee-offs 100A
    • Short circuit tested to 25kA conditional withstand rating
    • 16kA for 200ms withstand rating
    Isobar range
    • Available in two types, the TN and PEV
    • Various sizes from 12 to 72 poles and are suitable for most industrial/commercial applications.


    Unique busbar disconnection system - allows unused outgoing poles to be mains isolated via slider switch.
    Innovative neutral switching - The neutral should always be switched where it is considered to be a hazardous area as defined by AS/NZS 2381.1.
    The patented plug-in neutral adaptor available (PEV chassis) provides an innovative solution for switching the neutral. As a result of this feature:
    • 1 & 3 pole outgoing protection and control devices can now be installed adjacent to 2 & 4 pole, without the loss pole spaces.
    • Any circuit can be selected on which to protect or isolate the neutral with fast and simple adaptation.


    Ideal for critical power applications
    • Hospitals
    • Data centres
    • Telecommunications
    • Continuous production plants

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