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Canalis KR

Busbar trunking for power distribution in harsh environments and critical applications, up to 6300A

Part of Line Series

Molded busbar trunking for high power distribution from 800A to 6300A

Canalis KR
  • Features

    Deliver power distribution in harsh environments and critical applications.
    Canalis KR is designed for high power transport from 800A to 6300A in harsh environment.  Its proven design is based on epoxy resin technology. It is used for 20 years in electrical distribution: robust, reliable, and maintenance free. The KR/KT adaptor offers seamless continuity between Canalis KR and Canalis KT. Canalis KR provides a high degree of protection IP68. It is suitable for outdoor application, in aggressive atmospheres or when crossing explosive environments. Canalis KR ensures the integrity of circuit in the event of fire. It can be used in industrial, critical buildings, and tertiary buildings infrastructures.

    Technical characteristics:

    • Compliance with IEC 61439-6
    • Protection index: IP68 and IK10
    • Busbar trunking rated current:
      • Canalis KRA, 800 to 5000A, with aluminum conductors
      • Canalis KRC, 1000 to 6300A, with copper conductors
    • High short-circuit withstand
    • Number of active conductors: 3L, 3L+N or 3L+PE or 3L+PEN, 3L+N+PE
    • Insulation type: live parts completely encapsulated in epoxy resin
    • Connection: silver or tin-plated connectors for hookup connection to transformers
    • Length of busbar trunking sections: made to measure from 0.3m to 3m
    • Fire resistant:
      • Self-extinguishing epoxy resin without toxic gases
      • Fire-resistance in building penetrations: DIN 4102-9 from 30 to 120 min.
      • Conservation of the integrity of circuit in event of fire: IEC60331 / 180 min and DIN4102-12 / 90 min
    • Explosive area: Atex Zone II
    • Aggressive environment withstand:
      • Water-proof
      • Corrosion, chemical atmosphere, UV 
      • Fungi, animals, and insects 
      • Operating temperatures from - 60 °C to + 60 °C
    • Canalis Software: 
      • Cancad software to design projects 
      • Canbrass software to quote projects


    • Operating continuity and power uptime in harsh environments and critical applications.
    • System Canalis consistency with Canalis KR and Canalis KT.
    • Maintenance free, easy to clean, and compact.
    • Easy-to-use Cancad software to design projects and Canbrass software to quote projects with Canalis busbar trunking systems.


    • High power electrical distribution in harsh environments and critical applications.
    • Damp, dusty environments: mining, metals and minerals, etc.
    • Explosive atmospheres: oil & gas, chemical industries, etc.
    • Corrosive and salty environments: chemical plants, harbors, shipyards platforms, etc.
    • Industry: car industry, food & beverage industry, etc.
    • Critical buildings: data centers, hospitals, etc.
    • Commercial/Tertiary buildings: airports, shopping malls, hyper/supermarkets, hotels, exhibition centers, etc.

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