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Monitoring & Dispatch Services

Get out of the UPS management business and back to the core of your business. Fleet Management includes cloud-based monitoring, extended warranty, on-site support and risk mitigation reporting

Asset management and documentation of data center operations through inventory management

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Monitoring & Dispatch Services
  • Features

    Fleet Management is a custom managed service that provides you an enterprise-wide option to minimize business interruptions, decrease meantime to repair, and effectively plan and budget for lifecycle management of your single phase UPS fleets.


    • Keep your systems safe and healthy - Fleet Management Services will alert you of any issue with your single-phase UPS. You will be able to get superior performance and eliminate all risks linked to safety.
    • Prevent unscheduled downtime - You may be out of the office and not able to react to unexpected downtime. Thanks to Schneider, you will be able to prevent these occurrences and reduce the risks of outages.
    • Cloud-based monitoring to effectively manage your distributed systems - Large portfolio of single-phase equipment can be easily monitored all across your geographical distributed networks and sites even when you lack resources or have a limited IT expert personnel.
    • On-Site Next Business Day Service - In the event on-site troubleshooting is required or if you prefer Schneider Electric manages the replacement or parts exchange of your unit.
    • Parts Only Extended Warranty - In the event a swap out or parts replacement is required an extended warranty covers all remedial repairs ensuring no out-of-pocket expenses during the agreement year.
    • Remote Troubleshooting - Thanks to EcoStruxure Asset Advisor, remote troubleshooting of event notifications and documented process to follow if remedial repair is required.
    • Cloud-based Monitoring Service - Monitoring and event notification of potential issues, minimizing business interruptions and decreasing mean time to repair (MTTR) when a failure occurs.
    • Risk Mitigation Reporting - Access to enhanced EcoStruxure Asset Advisor reports including device age, battery events, battery runtime events, and capacity/lifecycle management reporting ensuring you can plan for future upgrades or expansions.

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