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Accurate and adaptable branch circuit metering

Part of PowerLogic

High-density, multi-circuit busway and panelboard/switchboard power meters for cost and network management in large and critical power applications

  • Features

    PowerLogic™ HDPM6000 meters provide a flexible platform for today’s modular and distributed power network architectures. Easily adaptable to busway or panelboard configurations, the meters help reduce startup and integration time, minimise operational expenses, and provide accurate insights into power networks. The HDPM6000 head unit serves as a stand-alone 3-phase power quality meter, capturing voltage waveforms, logging data, and communicating via Ethernet. If a busway configuration is needed, the HDPM6000B communicates with the base unit and installs in any busway configuration with a high density of circuits. Or, if panelboard configurations are required, the modular HDPM6000R is ideal for these applications. The HDPM6000S, with its strip technology for branch circuit monitoring and quick-click CT design, is perfect for new installations. The HDPM6000 is highly adaptable and can be retrofitted into any switchgear, distribution panel, or cabinet with a high density of circuits.


    Asset management

    • Monitor up to 192 circuits
    • Identify increased harmonics in the rack servers to detect a potential failure (THD/circuit, waveform capture/circuit

    Robust communications

    • Support for MODBUS, SNMP, and BACnet TCP IP


    • Helps minimise vulnerabilities to critical power assets and systems and reinforce security strategy

    Data logging

    • On-board memory for data logging
    • Meet the needs of robust code compliance applications

    Modular and scalable

    • Simplified installation for reduced wiring issues
    • Adapts to expanding electrical networks
    • Scalable, future-proof capabilities

    Panelboard/Switchboard or busway flexibility

    • Embedded web page for configuration and monitoring
    • Touch screen (optional) for data display
    • EcoStruxure™ Power integration


    Energy cost allocation

    • Accurately correlate and/or bill for circuit and process-specific costs, keeping users accountable for energy use

    Energy monitoring

    • Gather and analyse consumption data to identify patterns, target energy efficiency measures and verify results, identify waste and opportunities to reduce energy

    Power quality monitoring per circuit (THD + waveform capture)

    • Analyse and interpret power quality data into useful information, improve system-wide performance, help determine causes of equipment malfunction

    Energy billing

    • View current and historic circuit-focused energy bills, compare use across circuits, discover trends over time

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