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Multi 9 Type 1 fixed surge protector devices

End of commercialisation

Type 1 SPDs

  • Features

    • recommended for electrical installations in the service sector and industrial buildings protected by a lightning conductor or a meshed cage

    • protects electrical equipment against direct lightning strikes.

    • must be associated with a suitable disconnection device, fuse or circuit_breaker : see coordination table

    • also provide type 2 protection and protect the electrical equipment by finely clipping the voltage surge

    Conforms to the risk levels defined by the IEC 62305-2 standard. Impulse current, Iimp=12.5 kA or 25 kA/pole.
    Surge arrester/disconnector combinations certified for short-circuit current withstand, Isc, up to 50 kA (IEC 61643-11, version 2005).
    Maximum steady state voltage, Uc = 260, 440 V.
    Suitable for any earthing system: TT, TN-S, TN-C and IT.
    Fixed or withdrawable surge arresters.
    Cascade protection by Type 2 integrated (PRF1 12.5, PRD1 25r) or associated surge arrester (Master range).
    Multiple-pole or single-pole products to be assembled.
    Contacts for the remote transfer of end-of-life information.


    The electrician friendly lightning protection

    Improved continuity of service and safety due to

    • certified coordination with disconnection circuit-breakers and
    • the strength of the connections.

    Remote monitoring of the protection status.


    • Protection against direct lightning strokes of electrical installations in all industrial and tertiary buildings equipped with a lightning rod


    • PRF1
    • PRD1 Master
    • PRD1
    • PRF1 Master

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