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OsiSense™ XCKJ Range:
A flexible and robust design with one of the most robust heads in this category of limit switch offers on the market. With snap action positive contacts and a fixed or plug-in body types this XCKJ series makes it the go to product for a variety limit switch applications.
OsiSense™ XCKP/D Ranges:
A compact plastic and metal offer for light and medium duty applications that features a modular design with a wide variety of choice for a multitude of limit switch applications. These high performance compact products offer world wide availability through a strong network of distribution.
OsiSense™ XCKW:

Wireless Limit Switch
Simplified, cost-effective installation and maintenance

• No cables means no cabling cost at installation
• No contact means significantly reduced maintenance costs
• 100m wireless range which can be doubled with a dedicated antenna
• Self-powered, no battery replacement or recycling costs

Find the nearest wholesaler in your area

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