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Welcome to the Schneider Electric Website

Welcome to our website.

How to simplify product selection on our website

The Schneider Electric product selectors provide an easy way to identify a product that meets your requirements. Open the product selector, click the attributes that match your needs, and the ideal products are presented to you. Even matching accessories can be easily added if needed.

Product Selectors

How to create a custom product catalogue in a few clicks

A quick and easy way to create a custom PDF containing all the Schneider Electric products in your solution. Ideal for OEMs, switchboard builders, panel builders and engineers where a service manual is needed in your machine or solution.

How to find a substituted product on our website

When products get discontinued it can be tricky to identify its best replacement. The Schneider Electric website contains vast amounts of product substitution information. It could be an identical replacement, a replacement that requires some engineering, or no replacement.

How to compare products side by side to identify differences easily

There are many products in Schneider Electric that appear the same on the outside, however the internal specifications are different. This tool lets you compare up to four products side by side, displaying the differences so you can identify the product you need more easily.

How to get answers to frequently asked questions on our website

There are over 10,000 searchable FAQs on the Schneider Electric website. Asking a simple question can return an answer you’re looking for without having to wait to speak with our technical support team.

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