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VIP400 protection relay - what is the IP rating of the CUa / Cub / CUc sensors, and can they be used in outdoor applications?

The VIP 400 (and 410) self-powered relays use custom sensors that are designed specifically for this relay.  As such, the CUa / CUb / CUc sensors cannot be ordered as loose components, and some details such as the IP rating are not given in the VIP400 user manual.  This FAQ contains some details that relate to the IP rating of the VIP400 sensors.

a) the sensors are type tested according to the IEC60044-1 and IEC61869-2 standards.  The sensors are not subjected to the "routine tests" defined in those standards.

b) the sensors are enclosed in a moulded casing with wires that extend out from the casing, so they are theoretically hermetically sealed.  However, they have not been designed for outdoor applications, and this type of usage is not approved by Schneider.

c) from the design perspective, the IP rating for the CUa and CUb sensors is IP67 with the terminals not submerged, and the conductor of the wires exposed.

As a general remark, each installation of the VIP400 relay must be validated separately, which includes the switchgear that houses the VIP400 relay.  Therefore, the IP rating of the sensor cannot be considered in isolation - the complete cubicle must be designed and validated separately for each project.  This information was provided by the Schneider Instrument Transformer experts in France and Italy.


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