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How can I add an Altivar 61 CANopen device to my SoMachine V4.3 application?

Adding ATV61 CANopen device to my SoMachine V4.3.

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Products sold and used in USA.

ATV61 DTM is not installed with SoMa 4.1 SP2 and you need to do it manually.

1. Install latest Altivar DTM library. - available on SE.com
2. Open SoMachine
3. Go to Tools->DTM Repository...
4. Click on Import third party DTMs - confirm with OK.
5. It should be visible ATV61 in the list. Select it and click OK.
6. After installation ATV61 should be visible in device repository. Open device repository, change "Location" to <All locations> and it should be in the list.
7. If you add device to network/fieldbus then it will not be under "Altivar" but under "Other".

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