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Does the EM4200 have onboard data logging capabilities?

Data logging is needed for EM4200 series meters.

Product Line
EM4200 series meters

Data logs

The EM4200 series meters do not support onboard data logs. All the historical data is obtained using PC-based logging features in your software.
If you are using Power Monitoring Expert (PME) 8.x software, the EM4200 device driver utilizes PC-based logging by default every 900 seconds for the following measurements:

Current A / Current B / Current C / Current Avg
Demand Real Power / Demand Reactive Power / Demand Apparent Power
Real Energy Absolute / Reactive Energy Absolute / Apparent Energy
Power Factor A / Power Factor B / Power Factor C / Power Factor Total
Real Power A / Real Power B / Real Power C / Real Power Total
Reactive Power Total / Apparent Power Total
Voltage A-B / Voltage B-C / Voltage C-A / Voltage L-L Avg
Voltage A-N / Voltage B-N / Voltage C-N

To change the list of measurements being logged, or the logging interval, use the Modbus Device Importer, accessed from the Tools > System menu in Management Console.

To download EM4200 device driver for PME 8.0, see FA280672
Note: The EM4200 device driver is native in PME 8.1 and is available with the default PME install.

Schneider Electric Belgium

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