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How does the Reset button work on the TeSys T?

Identify the functioning of the TeSys T's reset button

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IEC Overload Relays

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Resetting a fault on an LTMR


The reset button on the front of the TeSys T LTMR controller can be used to reset a fault, perform a self test, return the device to factory default settings, or induce a fault.

To reset a fault press the button and release it within 3 seconds.
To perform a self test, Press and hold the button for 3 to 15 seconds.
To perform a Full Factory Reset of the Tesys, press and hold the button for 15 to 20 seconds. (This will clear the programming in the Tesys T and return the programming to 'factory new' state).
To generate a fault condition, press and hold the button for more than 20 seconds.  Note that a fault created by holding the Reset button in for more than 20 seconds will require a power cycle to reset.  It can not be reset by pressing the reset button and releasing it within 3 seconds.

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