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The simple way to estimate, track, and reduce your carbon emissions

Access the tools you need to swiftly move from sustainability ambition to action. Whether you are responding to carbon reduction requests from your customers or feeling the pressure of legislation and compliance obligations, Zeigo Activate is here for you. Set goals, tackle challenges, and accelerate your efforts with a customized decarbonization roadmap.
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Streamline your action plan

Build a customized action plan by selecting a target (like becoming 100% renewable) or customize a target specific to your business and strategy.

Measure progress and report results

Track your efforts with easy-to-read dashboards. Share results with your stakeholders who want to see real and tangible outcomes.

For solution providers, Zeigo Activate is a digital route to connecting with customers

Share your expertise and products with small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) who are looking for ways to become more efficient and reduce their emissions. Join our open marketplace of solution providers, electrical contractors, system integrators, panel builders, and more to connect with customers in your region.
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Zeigo Activate can help enterprise companies address Scope 3 emissions

Reduce Scope 3 emissions by engaging your supply chain. Work together to achieve a carbon-free future. Empower the small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in your value chain to track and reduce their carbon emissions. With Zeigo Activate, your mid-market supply chain has the tools to drive their own decarbonization program. They can build a customized action plan in seconds, connect with solution providers to help them achieve real outcomes, and then report on their progress which means impactful carbon reduction results for all.
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The simple way to track and reduce your carbon emissions

Whether businesses prefer to act independently or are part of a supply chain program sponsored by one of their customers, Zeigo Activate empowers the mid-market to set decarbonization goals, instantly see a customized plan, and find solutions to make progress.
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