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Sustainable performance, by design

Green Premium is a label with many advantages. Whether you are a homeowner, building manager, architect, distributor or original equipment manufacturer, Green Premium will help to meet your sustainability commitments by delivering products that comply with environmental regulations such as RoHS and REACH, as well as being perfectly transparent with environmental disclosures and end-of-life instructions.

The foundations of sustainable performance

Resource performance

CO2 and P&L impact 

Green Premium brings improved resource efficiency throughout an asset’s lifecycle. This includes efficient use of energy and natural resources, along with the minimization of CO2 emissions.

Circular performance

Cost of ownership optimization 

We’re helping our customers optimize the total cost of ownership of their assets. To do this, we provide IoT-enabled solutions, as well as upgrade, repair, retrofit, and remanufacture services.

Well-being performance

Peace of mind

Green Premium products are RoHS and REACH compliant. We’re going beyond regulatory compliance with step-by-step substitution of certain materials and substances from our products.

R.W. Kern Center: A net positive energy building with Green Premium offers

Hampshire College’s R.W. Kern Center is designed to give more than it takes. Integrated Eco Strategy brought this net-positive facility to life… with a little help from Schneider Electric Green Premium program.

What is a Green Premium product

Green Premium products provide detailed information on their regulatory compliance, material content, environmental impact and circularity attributes. They deliver market-driven value propositions through third-party labels and product certifications, that support our customers’ sustainability ambitions.

What is a Green Premium service

Green Premium services implement circular economy principles such as durability, upgradeability, and recyclability to move beyond the “take, make, and dispose” industrial model. Utilizing these services our customers reduce their environmental impact and optimize the total cost of ownership of their assets.

What is a Green Premium solution

Green Premium solutions utilize IoT-enabled offers and digital tools to efficiently use energy and other natural resources. They enable our customers to reduce their environmental impact and minimize their CO2 footprint.


By collaborating with third party organizations with sustainable labels and certifications, the Green Premium portfolio of products, services and solutions supports our customers to more easily meet their own sustainability goals.
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Green Premium brand promise

Transparent environmental information about Schneider Electric products available digitally 24/7.
Minimal use of hazardous substances in, and beyond, compliance with regulations (RoHS, REACH).
Environmental disclosures such as a Product Environmental Profiles (PEP) to provide robust environmental information.
Circularity profiles to provide guidance on responsible product end-of-life treatments along with circular value propositions.

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About Green Premium

In 2008, we developed Green Premium, our product sustainability program, to provide transparent information on hazardous substances, environmental impact, and end-of-life instructions. The new Green Premium is an expression of our innate belief that ambitious environmental considerations must be embedded in all our value propositions. It is also what customers and business partners have been increasingly asking for, in multiple geographies, across multiple market segments.

Green Premium presentation

Learn more about the new Green Premium ecolabel and how it has evolved to be a driver of sustainable business performance for our customers.

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How can Green Premium ecolabel help you achieve your sustainability commitments and performance?

Schneider Electric offers Green Premium products to deliver sustainable solutions that conform to rigorous environmental regulations and ensure energy efficiency, durability, recyclability, and transparency on all environmental impacts resulting in end-to-end greener performance. As an industrial technology leader and a trusted IoT partner with deep energy management and automation expertise, Schneider Electric enables your green ambitions with improved resource performance with minimized CO2 emissions, cost of ownership optimization through IoT-enabled solutions, and peace of mind by being RoHS and REACH compliant. Discover how Green Premium ecolabel delivers products with an eco-design approach and circular performance with responsible end-of-life (EOL) treatment. It accommodates the unique needs of different market segments across multiple geographies to help them meet their sustainability commitments.

Companies looking to build net-positive energy and water buildings rely on Schneider Electric Green Premium program to form an integrated Eco Strategy that delivers value propositions through its portfolio of products, services, and solutions. Our collaborations with third-party organizations with sustainable labels and certifications support our customers’ sustainability goals. Our flagship program promises transparent environmental and regulatory information on hazardous substances and complete environmental disclosure on the Product Environmental Profiles (PEP) eco passport database. Get all environmental information at your fingertips with the mySchneider app. Through our new Green Premium, you can opt to embed your ambitious environmental goals in your value propositions, reduce your energy and carbon footprints, optimize the total cost of ownership of your assets through IoT solutions and circular services, and better protect people from chemical substance risks. This product sustainability program has evolved to drive business in a sustainable and greener way.