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How to resolve this issue of 140CHS11000 not showing any state and blinking 7 times ?

Seven steps blinking of ComAct  LED  means  ‘PROM checksum error’.
Obviously the firmware of the CHS110 module became corrupted.

First the customer should try to download again the firmware.
If this doesn’t help then the customer has to replace the CHS110 module.

It is important to have identical firmware versions on both CHS modules.

Follow the steps to download the firmware into the CHS module:

  1. Use the tool ‘EXECLoader’. You will find it in the Concept package.
  2. Launch the EXECLoader and select the Communication Protocol (e.g. Modbus Plus), Click to button ‘Next’.
  3. Enter the CPU target address, Select the Device Type ‘Local Head’ and enter the slot number where the CHS is mounted, Click to button ‘Next’.
  4. Select Operation  ‘Transfer EXEC to Device’ and browse to the filename “Qchsv###.bin”, Click to button ‘Next’.
  5. The tool now displays the file properties and the device properties.
    Note:  The device Crash Code will be 6301 in case of PROM checksum error, Click to button ‘Next’
  6. The tool displays a summary, Click to button ‘Transfer’.
  7. Wait for the message ‘The transfer operation completed successfully’,Click button to ‘Close’.

Repeat the procedure until step 5.
The device Crash Code must be 0000 now.

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