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PME 9.0 - LogSubSystem services won't start

After upgrading/migrating the system or a fresh installation the installer will fail at "Start Services" and "Verify Registered Service" at the final stage. It will state that the PMLOGROUTER exceeded timeout of 300 seconds. 
PMLOGROUTER referes to LogSubSystem service. 

Product Line
Power Monitoring Expert  9.0 (including with the CU1 applied) 

Upgrade - Migration - New Installation for PME 9.0 

The LogSubSystem service will fail to create the Message Queues under Computer Management > Services and Application > Message Queuing > Private Queues due to the server name being longer than 15 characters - therefore the service will not start and no data will be logged into the database.

When trying to unregister this service and register it back again throught the command prompt, it will give the following error message: 
Could not create primary data router message queues: Could not initialize standard queues for Queue: LogSubsystemPrimaryRouter@STANDALONE-TEST-PME: Could not create queue: ("STANDALONE-TEST-PME\private$\LogSubsystemPrimaryRouter_Data", "") at step check exists: Invalid queue path name.; ErrorCode: [IllegalQueuePathName]. The router will attempt to create the queues each time it starts.

PME has always worked as expected in previous version because it uses the NetBIOS name of the computer, which is limited to 15 bytes, however this service has been introduced in PME 9.0 and it will use the full name as it uses Microsoft Message Queueing. 

The PME 9.0 - System Guide is very specific regarding the PME Serve Name Limitations (page 51 - Other IT Considerations), where it states that the computer name for the PME server MUST have 15 characters or less, and use only letters, numbers, or the "_" character.   

Please follow the steps:
1- Check the server name: Open SSMS > ION_Network > dbo.Machine
2- Rename the server (in System Properties > Computer Name/Domain Changes > Computer Name) to MATCH the name found in the database - THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT - It has to be the same otherwise the system won't work. 
3- Reboot the server
4- Logged as administrator, open the command prompt
Run the command to remove the service: 
LogSubsystem.Service.exe -UnregServer 
Run the command to add the service back:
LogSubsystem.Service.exe -Service
5 - Go to Computer Management > Services and Application > Message Queuing > Private Queues  and check if the queues refering to this service got created 
6 - Start the LogSubSystem service under Windows Service

Applying the CU1 will NOT fix the issue. 
Althought this specific server will fail to start, PME database will use the NetBios shortened to 15 bytes - so the system will work normally if the server name matches the one found in the databases.