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Intelligent Battery Analyzer

Management system for battery banks

Individually monitors each battery of the bank

Intelligent Battery Analyzer
  • Features

    The Battery Management System is a device that combines practicality, efficiency and intelligence in one product. Specially designed to ensure safety and productivity, this solution provides the otmização of battery lifecycle.

    Through individual analysis of each element of the battery bank provides a predictive and less costly action. Working autonomously carries out independent monitoring of the process of charging and discharging batteries, allowing only replacement of the modules have failed.

    With a fully modular mechanics, allows easy access to the equipment, making faster the process of preventive and corrective maintenance, transportation and installation.


    • Monitors each battery individually
    • Works completely independently
    • Allows scheduling of tests
    • Monitoring via TCP / IP


    Available for all UPS and Rectifiers from the Secure Power System product line