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Why is my Magelis HMI displaying "Variables are being logged to storage volume which is either full or not available"?


Magelis HMI is displaying "Variables are being logged to storage volume which is either full or not available"

Product Line

Magelis HMI, XBTGT, XBTGK, XBTGH, HMISTO, HMISTU, HMIGTO, HMIGTU, Magelis iPC, Vijeo Designer Runtime, Vijeo Designer (all versions)


Magelis HMI running Vijeo Designer Runtime (all versions)


With Vijeo Designer Data Logging, the variable storage type can be set to SRAM + File.

SRAM (Static Random Access Memory) - temporary memory buffer
File - referring to File storage for a more permanent storage location. In Vijeo Designer,  File can be either the Secondary Drive (SD Card) or Optional Drive (USB memory stick).

This means that data is logged to SRAM first and when the No of Records in RAM is reached, the data is moved to File. 
This Drive is specified in the Data Location setting screen.  
When the media specified in the data location is missing, not recognized or not formatted properly, the HMI will generate this message "Variables are being logged to storage volume which is either full or not available."


Ensure that the Secondary drive / Optional Drive is not missing or full.
Ensure that the Data Location setting is not set to Main Drive.
Ensure that SD card / USB flash drive (Secondary Drive / Optional Drive) is formatted for FAT32.

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