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MiCOM blanking plates

Published date: 08 August 2018

Need blanking plates for a rack with MiCOM protection relays.

Product Line

MiCOM Blanking Plate part numbers below:

GJ2028001                                 Blanking plate, MIDOS size 1 (Standard Grey)
GJ2028002                                 Blanking plate, MIDOS size 2, MiCOM size 10 TE (Standard Grey)
GJ2028003                                 Blanking plate, MIDOS size 3 (Standard Grey)
GJ2028004                                 Blanking plate, MIDOS size 4, MiCOM size 20 TE (Standard Grey)
GJ2028005                                 Blanking plate, MIDOS size 5 (Standard Grey)
GJ2028006                                 Blanking plate, MIDOS size 6, MiCOM size 30 TE (Standard Grey)
GJ2028007                                 Blanking plate, MIDOS size 7 (Standard Grey)
GJ2028008                                 Blanking plate, MIDOS size 8, MiCOM size 40 TE (Standard Grey)

Additional mounting screws (ZA0005094) can be ordered separately via the Transactional Sales Support group 

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