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    Cybersecurity solutions

    Cybersecurity threats are an unfortunate reality for everyone. Can you protect your business while still embracing new technologies that enable you to grow and deliver the best possible results? With Schneider Electric, you can!

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A comprehensive security approach that keeps you covered

Robust cybersecurity protection is a must, and Schneider Electric’s solutions can deliver, regardless of business type or industry. We apply a rigorous mindset, policies, and methodologies in the development of our products and implementation of our solutions.

The vendor-agnostic services provided by our skilled professionals protect your entire critical infrastructure with help to assess your risk, implement cyber-specific solutions and maintain your onsite defenses over time.

We understand and apply cybersecurity solutions from your operations perspective while integrating appropriate IT policies and requirements – this is our difference and your advantage.

3 Steps Towards Cybersecurity in a Digital World

More than 100 billion lines of code are created annually, and hackers produce some 120 million new variants of malware every year. Learn about three approaches central to strong cybersecurity posture.
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Thrive in today's digital economy

EcoStruxure™ - a single, open IoT system that allows you to compete in today’s digital world - is a game-changer. Learn how cybersecurity is a crucial element of our approach to protecting your critical assets and your business.

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End-to-end cybersecurity with Innovation At Every Level of your operation

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    Connected Products

    Security cannot be an afterthought, especially when it comes to hardware components. We consider security from the ground up – using components that meet recognized standards.
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    Edge Control

    Be confident in your operational control knowing that we incorporate security protection into our system design and development process, including rigorous testing and validation.
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    Apps, Analytics & Services

    Security must be part of application design and development, and fundamentally built into the services that support the operation and life cycle of your systems.
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Cybersecurity at Schneider Electric

Cybersecurity and data privacy are integral to our business strategy. Find out how we mitigate cyber risks to ensure that our company and our customers and partners can thrive securely in today’s digital economy. Read the white paper

Cybersecurity services & solutions for every business

Your operational systems demand cybersecurity solutions that encompass a broad set of parameters. Our experienced and highly qualified experts work with your unique situation and requirements to help simplify your cybersecurity challenges with solutions that fit your needs.

  • Cybersecurity Support Portal

    We address cybersecurity vulnerabilities and incidents in order to support the security and safety of installed solutions, protecting you and the environment.

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