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Solution & Benefits

Our wide product range, from low-voltage Masterpact MTZ circuit breaker and Tesys F contactor to medium-voltage switchgear, has been designed to withstand stringent environments such as in the nacelle of a turbine. Our solutions can be installed in wind turbines up to 4000m above sea level and at a temperature range from -40 to +50C. They comply with all the relevant standards and meet all the needs of networks.
> Reduce downtime and increase the lifetime of your equipment. 
> Lower both your capital and operating expenses by up to 25% through power factor correction & harmonic mitigation
> Increase safety by continuous thermal monitoring and detection of abnormal temperature
> Increase safety with integrated switchgear and transformer substations


Tesys F: Versatile, high-performance switching for all of your AC1 applications


Masterpact MTZ circuit breakers: the future-ready EcoStruxure Power capabilities you need to build smart, secure, reliable and sustainable power distribution systems.

Wind turbine application

Low-voltage switchgear in wind turbines: How to select main circuit breaker in association with dedicated TeSys F range of contactors in wind turbine application.
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Engineer working in a wind turbine. He is doing maintenance and monitoring alarms with the computer.

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MasterPact MTZ - ACB



PowerLogic PM8000 series


AccuSine PCS+


TeSys F

Solution & Benefits

Our expertise in automation and electrical distribution has resulted in a fully customized wind turbine solution that includes the best fit for all of your auxiliary circuits.
> Panel boards that are safe and dependable.
> HMI that is cost-efficient, with high connectivity.
> Control and signaling is both compact and simple to use.
> Surge protection for reliable, safe, clean power.
> Accurate and dependable motor starters, soft starters, and variable-speed drives.

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Altivar Machine ATV340


Altistart 22


Harmony GTU


Acti 9 Surge Protection Devices - SPDs


TeSys Ultra


TeSys Deca - frame 4


TeSys Deca contactors


Prisma G

Solution & Benefits

You’ll get complete control over your turbine with a compact, rugged combination of a programmable logic controller (PLC) and UPS. It’s low in power consumption, runs even when no wind energy is being collected, and can be easily modified or upgraded.
> Smooth, effortless shutdown of turbine, monitoring, and control systems.
> Capture status/failure data during outage events.
> Reduce maintenance costs, improve reliability, simplify troubleshooting.
> Enhanced safety for turbine, grid, and personnel.

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Modicon M340


Modicon M580 - ePac Controller


Logic controller - Modicon M258




Smart-UPS On-Line



Solution & Benefits

Schneider Electric has a wealth of experience in the offshore market, with references in over 100 farms in Northern Europe alone. We have been working with offshore wind developments for 8 years and have over 5000 panels installed. We provide customized MV-LV pre-engineered, pre-validated architecture that is smarter to operate and manage. This helps you to speed the delivery of your project with a simple execution.
> Insulated switchgear to optimize the electrical installation, improve performance and better service continuity.
> Highly efficient and reliable Wind- dedicated transformers
> Customized, prefabricated substations to improve network efficiency and maximize electricity production.
> A complete electrical installation to better manage maintenance costs.
> Assets monitoring and the maintenance plan optimization


Add metering in existing switchboards for energy efficiency compliance.


Look inside the PowerTag Selection Guide for complementary technical information.

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Easergy P3 Protection Relays




Medium-Voltage Transformers






PowerLogic™ PowerTag

Solution & Benefits

We provide the solution to relieve that grid-induced anxiety, to bring you the optimized reliability you need, and to guarantee 99.5% availability. The solution begins with SF6 insulated metal-enclosed switchgear, which is designed to ensure maximum safety in a reduced-space environment. Its design also ensures that it is unaffected by the environment, enabling a superior continuity of service. In terms of grid code requirements, we design and provide everything you need to comply, from fixed LV and MV power factor solutions to real-time compensation systems.
> Up to 25% reduction is commonly achievable in both capital and operational expenses
> Significant reduction in downtime
> Extended equipment lifetime
> Minimized system losses and demand power
> Reduced overloading on the electrical system, thereby releasing useable capacity
> Reduced power factor for low-level harmonics

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PowerLogic PFC Capacitor Bank



Solution & Benefits

The Schneider Electric supervision solution gives you a single view for all your wind farm needs, including energy metering that boasts the highest accuracy in the industry. Providing you with an extensive array of consultancy options and services throughout the whole life cycle of your project, Schneider will be a partner you can count on.
> Optimize electricity production and maintenance cost
> Prevent power failure
> Ensure protection of your equipment
> Improve the reliability of electrical systems and assets
> Maximize return on investment
> Reduce reaction time in case of fault on a site
> Lower operational expenses

EcoStruxure Asset Advisor: from data to actionable insights

Combining a best-in-class technological platform with our expertise in electrical equipment maintenance and manufacturing, to give you peace of mind knowing that your assets and sites are reliably monitored.
Discover EcoStruxure Asset Advisor

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Power & Energy Monitoring System


EcoStruxure™ Power Advisor

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