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  • workers in the Neponset factory c. 1920

    Serck Controls is now Schneider Electric

    About Serck Controls

    For more than fifty years, Serck Controls has built and integrated new telemetry, SCADA and RTU technology and applications. These offer clients increased productivity, system integrity and a wide range of communication options. Coupled with our project engineering capabilities, we have raised the company profile as a leading provider of water, oil and gas, renewable power, process control and safety applications.

    Operating from the UK, we deliver SCADA and telemetry solutions centred on the ClearSCADA platform, formerly known as SCX and outstations or RTUs from our Proteus range, Schneider Electric’s T4e range and SCADAPack range.

    Our mission is to provide excellence in our software, systems, project management and service.

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    The history of Serck Controls

    Serck Controls has been an innovator in Telemetry and SCADA systems for over 50 years, and is now part of Schneider Electric. This page describes the history and key milestones during that time.

    In 1919, Peter Oscar Serck, formed a company to manufacture radiators for the car industry. The company diversified and in 1959 Serck Controls was created to develop electronic telemetry and telecontrol systems. In 1961 they delivered the first pipeline SCADA system for Oil India in Assam. Later in 1979, won the world's largest telemetry contract, for the Orenburg pipeline in the USSR.

    Following a move to Coventry in 1980, Serck Controls also began working with water utilities and its technology has also been used in ships. Acquired by Hunter Watertech Pty in 2002, later became SCADAgroup (incorporating Control Microsystems), which was then acquired by Schneider Electric in 2010.

    We offer telemetry and SCADA solutions within Schneider Electric. Our mission is to provide excellence in our software, systems, project management and service.

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