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How does the Sensitivity parameter adjustment work with Catch on the fly feature in ATV61 drive?

Sensitivity parameter function with Catch on the fly on an ATV61.

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Catch on the fly sensitivity

When the drive is not in `RUN` state (freewheel state for example), the estimation of motor frequency is performed using the residual motor voltage.
When the motor frequency is high, more the residual motor voltage.
But If the residual motor voltage is not enough (at very low frequencies), the catch on the fly feature may not work (that s why, Sensitivity parameters was added especially for larger hp drives).

Adjusts catch-on-the-fly sensitivity parameter around the zero speed. Then perform a test run. Decrease the value if the drive is not able to perform the catch on the fly, and increase it if the drive locks up on a fault as it performs the catch on the fly.

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