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StruxureWare Power Monitoring 7.0 - The SBS Upgrade Utility fails on 'Restore Config Folder'

I used the SBS Upgrade Utility to do a side by side upgrade from ION Enterprise 6.0 to StruxureWare Power Monitoring 7.0. The IONE 6.0 system was backed up successfully. When I went to restore the 6.0 configuration to the new SPM7 system, the SBS Upgrade Utility failed with the following error:
'Unable to rename a file or folder'

If I look in the log file using the Log Viewer (be sure to check the setuplog check box, I will see an 'Out of Memory' error.

This will happen if the 6.0 configuration backup folder contains ION_Data database backups. When the SBS Upgrade Utility goes through the 6.0 config directory, it does a string search and replace to update all instances of the old 6.0 server name with the new SPM 7.0 server name. It checks every file in the config directory and therefore attempts to load the entire database backup file into memory, causing the out of memory exception.

This is a known issue with the version of the SBS Upgrade Utility that was included on the SPM 7.0 DVD. This utility has since been updated, and the updated version can be found on the Solutions Community of Practice (CoP) and also in RESL207952.

To recover from this problem, should it be encountered, use the following procedure. While performing this procedure, you will be presented with a number of dialogs talking about deleting shared files that will look something like this:

They can be safely cleared. This is because of the ION Enterprise shared directory. To avoid these dialogs, it is possible to remove the share, but it will then have to be put back once you have finished. You will need to share the ION Enterprise directory as 'ION-Ent' should you choose this approach.

  1. Cancel out of the SBS Utility
  2. Remove the ION_Data database backups from the 6.0 package that was created when the ION E 6.0 system was backed up using the SBS Utility. They will be in the \config_bak_6.0\cfg\dbbackups\data folder
  3. Restore the original SPM 7.0 config folder by:
    1. Deleting the contents of the existing \ION Enterprise\config directory (the SBS Utility will have started the Restore process by copying the 6.0 config directory files here, but we need to revert this)
    2. Copying the contents of the \current\config_new_7.0 directory into the now empty config directory
    3. Deleting the 'Current' directory

IMPORTANT: Now be sure to close any open windows within the ION Enterprise directory structure.

At this point, the system should be as it was before 'Restore Configuration' was invoked within the SBS Utility.
Restart the SBS Upgrade Utility - see note below if you have a large database ION_Data that will take a long time to upgrade
Be sure to choose the Restart option and select 'Restore Configuration' from the drop down menu.

Additional Information
Note that the procedure above will require that the database upgrade process be redone which can be a lengthy task. If you want to avoid waiting through the ION_Data upgrade again, you can copy the SBS Upgrade Utility folder on to your local machine, and replace the default broker.xml (it's in the setup directory inside the SBS Upgrade Utility directory - make a copy of it before replacing it) with the version attached to this article prior to restarting the SBS Utility.


Last Revised: April 24, 2012


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