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How do I configure text display in Vijeo Designer ?

To configure a text display in Vijeo Designer follow the instruction below.

How to setup a text display.
1. Using a text editor, create a text file in .txt format

· In the text file, insert two colons to identify the start of a text block. The two colons will not appear in the text display.

    • Text file

3. In the Navigator window's Project tab, open the Data File folder and select the text icon to open the Text File Editor

5. Specify the storage location on the target machine for the text files.


7. In the Toolchest tab, select the Text Display folder.

8. Drag and drop the Text Display to the panel, and resize as necessary


9. In the Property Inspector, change the text display properties as follow:
Note: The FileName is the alias name given to the text file in step 4


With a corresponding value in the BlockNumberVariable , the block message in the text file will appear.

Value 0
Take of the latch and remove the
cartridge cover

Simulation image for value 0

Value 1
Open the left side of the cartridge and
remove part A


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