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How do I calibrate the position of an Absolute Encoder motor with Lexium 32 drives?

Customers should make note that the position of a motor with an Absolute Encoder must be calibrated during initial set-up of the machine and any time the motor has been removed or replaced.

The process is simple and can be done using SoMove commissioning software.

Here is an basic overview of the process.
Once the motor is installed and physically attached to the load the position of the load should be brought to a known reference position.
The value of that reference position is then written to the absolute encoder by entering SoMove in expect mode and writing the reference position to the absolute encoder.

Here is the step by step process.
1. Mount the motor and connect the motor output shaft to the load.
2. Connect to the drive using SoMove commissioning tool
3. Using SoMove initiate a homing method of your choice to bring the load to your preferred home position.
4. Change the user access level of SoMove to Expert by navigating to Device > User level > Set user level .  In the User level pull-down choose "Expert" then enter the password of 696969 and then click OK
5. Select the Operate tab in SoMove
6. In the "Direct access" section enter modbus address of 1324 ( ENC1_adjustment ) and then populate the preferred position value that you want your home position to be, from step 3,into the RAW value field of the Direct access section.
7. Now click the "Write" radio button.
8. Disconnect from the drive with SoMove using the disconnect Icon and then power cycle the drive.   (note: Wait a minimum of 1 second after clicking the write icon before power cycling the drive)
9. Done.

What this process does is to write the desired home position value to the absolute encoder within the motor so that even after a power cycle the home position is remembered.

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