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Why would a ATV61 drive be running ok and then goes to RDY status?

Published date: 03 April 2020

My ATV61 drive is running ok and then goes to RDY status.
Product Line:
ATV61 Drives, Altivar 61
Run Command


The ATV61 was running ok and then went to RDY.  Needs to check the run command.  For 2-wire control. LI1 should have +24v. Can go to 1.2 and select I/O map, and check the status of LI1 or measure LI1 at the terminal card.  If it drops low, they are loosing the run command. 

Also, for 3-wire control or HMI control, a momentary loss of the safety circuit input on PWR will take status to RDY.  Verify the factory jumper on +24-PWR or the safety circuit to PWR.  Consider that a 24Vdc voltage sag would have same results.  Check 24Vdc circuits for grounding.

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