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EcoStruxure Machine Expert (SoMachine) Build message C0077: Unknown type GetDateAndTime or SetDateAndTime

Published date: 09 May 2019

When I update a project from SoMachine v3.1 to SoMachine v4.1 or higher, I see the associated build messages:
C0077: Unknown type 'GetDateAndTime'
C0077: Unknown type 'SetDateAndTime'
C0077: Unknown type 'Error'

How do I solve this?

Product Line
EcoStruxure Machine Expert / SoMachine v4.1 or higher

PLC Configuration software for Windows

The functions GetDateAndTime and SetDateAndTime in SoMachine v4.1 or higher are no longer uniquely named and unique to one library. 
The ENUM called 'ERROR' (which is the data type of the "eERROR" output pin of GetDateAndTime and SetDateAndTime) also no longer uniquely named.
Each must be explicitly declared with the namespace of the "CAA DTUtil Extern" Library (Date and Time Utilities) with the prefix "DTU."

Use the Find (Ctrl+F) functionality in the project and find all instances of "GetDateAndTime", "SetDateAndTime" and "ERROR" respectively and perform the following modifications:
  1. Replace the declarations and function block instances of "GetDateAndTime" with "DTU.GetDateAndTime"
  2. Replace the declarations and function block instances of "SetDateAndTime" with "DTU.SetDateAndTime"
  3. Replace the declarations of "ERROR" with "DTU.ERROR"
    Example: Change the declaration "MySetTimeError : POINTER TO ERROR;" to "MySetTimeError : POINTER TO DTU.ERROR;"

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