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Does LA9F703 terminal contactor shroud fits powers supply bars of the Altistart ATS22C21Q-C59Q sizes?

There is no compatibility problem between ATS22C21Q - ATS22C59Q and LA9F703.
But with the LA9F703 reference, it is necessary to use M10 bolts on busbars.
The M12 screws delivered with the starter are not compatible with the LA9F703.

LA9F703 is primarily designed for TEsysF contactors. ATS22 sizes C21 to C59 have diameter of holes 13.5mm for connecting power cables. This is sufficient for M12 bolts.
But comparison with ATS48 (same ATS sizes) shows that ATS48 uses 12mm hole diameter. Therefore ATS48 needs M10, and so LA9F703 fits well.

AST22 allows 12mm bolt, but these bolts cannot carry LA9F703.

Well, LA9F704 is dedicated for M12 bolt. But LA9F704 is quite wide for ATS22 busbars. LA9F704 has inner width width of 60mm, but including thickness of 2mm on each side, you get 64mm total width and it is not possible to use it with ATS22C21-C59Q that has busbars pitch 60mm

Summary: If you want to use M12 bolt, then LA9F704 will not match the busbars because its overlapping dimensions. We therefore prefer to change bolts and to use M10 for ATS22C21Q-C59Q, then LA9F703 will be absolutely OK.

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