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How to manage the camera application in AOA V2.6 application of Galaxy S20+?

Published date: 09 November 2020

1.    Issue
In Galaxy S20+, there is an issue with camera management. It created an issue during the initialization of camera application.
2.    Product Line
Galaxy S20+ mobile device, Ecostruxure Augmented Operator Advisor.
3.    Environment
EAOA V2.6, Android(S20+)
4.    Resolution
In the V2.6, camera management has been improved. But unfortunately, it created a regression on some not officially supported devices. This will be fixed in a future version(V2.6.1), but in the meantime, we need to do the below workaround for AOA V2.6.
In the tablet/phone, there is a “Settings.json” file in the “Android/data/com.schneiderelectric.AugmentedOperator” folder.
Edit it, find the “UseCameraNativePlugin” key and set its value to False, like below:

   "key": "UseCameraNativePlugin",
   "value": "False"
Save the file, start the app and it should be OK.

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