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How to enable DBOdbc log files

Sometimes it is necessary to enable DBOdbc log files to troubleshoot connection issues between a third-party ODBC client and Geo SCADA as an ODBC server. Please note that enabling those logs involves editing the machine’s registry, which should be done with care. The configuration mentioned below needs to be done in the client machine.

To change the log file settings:
  1. Access and Run a Registry Editor.
  2. Use the Registry Editor to locate the registry settings at the relevant location (in case the registry entries don’t exist, create them):
Registry Keys

The most important fields, highlighted above, are:
LogEnable—Enter True, or 1 to enable logging or enter False, or 0 to disable logging as required.
LogFileBase—Defines the folder that will contain the log files and the filename prefix for the files. The prefix is part of the name of the files (it cannot contain certain characters, see your operating system documentation for more details).
After the settings, new attempts of ODBC clients to connect from this machine will result in files like the ones below:

Log files

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