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LexCom Home

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LexCom Home
  • Features

    The range includes three different solutions; LexCom Home Essential, LexCom Home Performance and LexCom Home Premium.

    • The LexCom Home Essential system offers a first step to a network at home with TV on coaxial plugs, and phone and data on RJ45 plugs. A rather simple and fast installation, providing the basics to let several users get online.
    • The LexCom Home Performance system is an "all-in-one home network", which permanently transmits voice, data and image signals to all wall outlets in all rooms. The compact core unit receives the incoming services and transmits them on standardized links. The Triple play splitter turns any outlet into a multimedia hub including TV, phone and data.
    • The LexCom Home Premium system is a tailor-made and modular system based on a passive physical infrastructure with a broadband network (cable, cords and connectors) and active modules for voice, data and image distribution. It could be a data switch, a distribution module for phone or an antenna amplifier for video.


    Every room at home can have different purposes during the day. The dining room or the lounge can be an office during day time and changes into a family hot spot at lunch with a TV screen replacing the PC screens. LexCom Home provides you with flexibility at home. Each room can be adapted to any purpose, since each socket can get the services from various networks (telephone, data or television networks).

    Quality of service is the other key advantage of the LexCom Home networks. Every communication socket can deliver the contents with the best service quality proposed by the service providers from the Telecom operators. On top of Wi-Fi networks, LexCom Home makes the contents available at any time, anywhere at home with the same service quality.

    LexCom Home is developed from professional networks, based on proven future-proof techniques, and is ready to meet all future technologies and demands on ever increasing content.


    LexCom Home systems fulfil the communication needs of the modern home in an effective way. Three complementary solutions address perfectly the mainstream market of the home networking:

    • LexCom Home Essential is the standard home network solution providing video in 4 TV sockets, and data and telephone in up to 8 RJ45 communication sockets.
    • LexCom Home Performance is the enhanced home network solution providing TV, data and telephone at the same time in all communication sockets (up to 16 RJ45 sockets). With a Triple play splitter in each outlet the solution provides functions equivalent to 24 outlets.
    • LexCom Home Premium is the tailor-made home network solution providing new ways to watch TV, share data and telephone services in up to 40 communication sockets (RJ45). The function of each outlet is easily selected in the central core unit.


    • Private house and LexCom Home Performance
    • LexCom Home Premium
    • LexCom Home Essential, telephone, PC, Television
    • LexCom Home - Make your life easier!

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