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Lighting Control and Energy Management system

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  • Features

    The Clipsal C-Bus® system is a microprocessor based wiring system to control lighting and other electrical services. Whether ON/OFF control of a lighting circuit or analogue type control such as dimming electronic fluorescent ballasts.

    C-Bus® can be to control and automate virtually any type of electrical load. To ensure fast and reliable operation, each device has its own inbuilt microprocessor, which can be individually programmed via ‘point and click’ PC based software, or via ‘Learn Mode’ which doesn’t require a PC. C-Bus® information is held within individual C-Bus® units rather than one central point. This ensures optimum communications speed and reliability. Whilst a computer is unnecessary for normal C-Bus® operation, C-Bus® PC based control and management software is available and provides additional flexibility to clients requiring this type
    of control. Clipsal C-Bus® is suitable for a wide range of applications, for example;

    Commercial Lighting Control

    •  Fluorescent lighting control( day light harvesting/ Scheduling) for energy cost saving in high rise buildings
    •  High-bay control in warehouses for energy cost saving.
    •  Mood lighting in restaurants and retail outlets.
    •  Flexible and integrated control of lighting and Audio Visual  equipments in board rooms
    •  Architectural lighting control for hotel foyers, ballrooms, art galleries and museums.

    Residential Automation

    •  Home entertainment - Integrated audio visual, lighting control, and other electrical services
    •  Security - Integrated security, lighting and other electrical services
    •  Comfort – Dimming, scene setting
    •  Convenience – Multiple point control, central point control from touch screens, automated time based
    •  control, automated ‘Goodbye’ and ‘Welcome Home’ moods.


    Commercial lighting control
    •  Integrated controls for the entire building.
    •  Automatic Time based Switching/scheduling.
    •  Integration with BMS system.
    •  Local Switching through CBUS keypads in individual areas.
    •  End User control of CBUS system from Workstation (PC).
    •  Interface with AV System of Crestron/AMX.


    CBUS System for commercial lighting control can be used for Integrated lighting controls for offices/buildings, Common areas in Hotels like restaurants, banquets, Lobby and Conference rooms along with integration of AV system.
    Lighting controls for  stadium projects

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