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PowerLogic ION EEM 4.0

Enterprise energy management software

Enterprise energy management software

Energy Management Software
  • Features

    PowerLogic ION EEM enterprise energy management software exceeds the traditional boundaries of energy management and power operations software by uniting business and energy strategies across your entire enterprise while performing wide-area analysis of events and conditions.

    It is a unifying application that complements and extends the benefits of existing energy-related data resources. These can include power monitoring and control systems, metering systems, substation automation and SCADA systems, EMS systems, building and process automation systems, utility billing systems, weather services, spot-market energy pricing feeds, and enterprise business applications.

    Data is automatically acquired, cleansed and warehoused. Personalized, browser-based dashboards and innovative visualization and modeling tools help you accurately monitor, validate, predict and ultimately control all energy-related expenses and risks to reliability.

    • True enterprise-level software architecture - Data quality assurance, data warehouse, web framework
    • Web Portal - Personalized dashboards, key performance indicators, charts, trends, real-time conditions
    • Reporting Engine - Rich and customized content, support for complex data and graphics, scheduled distribution
    • Trend Analysis - Advanced visualization, dimensional analysis, prediction, statistical rollups
    • Energy Modeling - Regression analysis, normalization, correlation, integration of all relevant drivers and contextual data
    • Bill Analysis - Built-in rate engine with rate wizard
    • Emissions Reporting - Reports on energy-related emissions from direct and indirect sources, aggregates all locations, breakdowns by fuel type, compares performance of business units, regions, buildings, facilities, departments
    • Cost Allocation - Allocates energy costs for all utility types to cost centres, departments, production lines, or for user-defined time periods
    • Power quality analysis -  Wide-area event monitoring, classification, filtering, correlation
    • Integration - Import data for all consumed utilities (water, air, gas, electricity, steam), emissions, production or business process data from enterprise system databases (e.g. metering, BAC, ERP); export data to other enterprise business or automation systems.


    Key performance indicators and advanced analytics help you manage energy in financial terms.

    PowerLogic ION EEM software also makes energy-related emissions a manageable variable, helping you achieve “green” environmental initiatives by tracking emissions, isolating each contributor, and supporting reporting requirements for mandatory or voluntary GHG programs.

    The software will also help you gain unique insight into the impacts of power quality on your business and all energy assets.


    Applications for industrial, buildings, and infrastructure

    Energy efficiency and cost
    • Benchmark and compare efficiency to reveal opportunities, set a performance baseline and verify savings
    • Track and manage GHG emissions
    • Allocate energy costs to departments or processes
    • Reduce peak demand surcharges
    • Reduce power factor penalties
    • Strengthen rate negotiation with energy suppliers by forecasting needs, comparing rate structures and aggregating loads
    • Identify billing discrepancies
    • Enable participation in load curtailment programs (e.g. demand response)

    Energy availability and reliability
    • Validate that power quality complies with the energy contract
    • Verify the reliable operation of equipment
    • Improve response to power quality-related problems
    • Leverage existing infrastructure capacity and avoid over-building

    Applications for electric utilities
    • Improve T&D network reliability 
    • Maximise the use of existing infrastructure
    • Verify compliance with new power quality standards
    • Analyse and isolate the source of power quality problems
    • Help customers manage reliability using operational and power quality data


    • Sample screens from the emissions reporting module (optional).
    • PowerLogic ION EEM provides access to information via web portal.
    • Sample screens from the power quality analysis module (optional).

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