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EasyPact TVS contactors

Contactors from 2.2kW to 335kW (AC3/400V)

Part of Easy Series


EasyPact Contactor size 1
  • Features

    3-pole contactors         

    • 6 to 630A (AC-3 category)       
    • 2.2 kW to 335 kW (AC3/400 V) 
    • AC control 
    • Embedded auxiliary contacts 
    4-pole contactors
    • 16 to 125A (AC1 category) 
    • AC control 



    • Designed to perform the essential motor starter and switching functions
    • Easy choice for simplicity and flexibility
    • Easy to install, easy to order, easy to understand


    3-pole contactors: simple machines for: 
    • HVAC
    • Pumps
    • Telecom
    • GenSet
    • Textile
    • Packaging
    • Conveyer

    4-pole contactors:
    • Switching resistive loads
    • As contactors for Diesel Generator incomer
    • As incomer in a source changeover system requiring neutral isolation
    • Isolating power systems with unearthed or poorly earthed system
    • 2 pole, AC-1 application (using 2 poles in parallel)
    • Changing the polarity of hoisting gear motors



    • EasyPact Contactor size 8
    • EasyPact Contactor size 2
    • EasyPact Contactor size 7
    • EasyPact Contactor size 4
    • EasyPact Contactor size 1
    • EasyPact Contactor size 5
    • EasyPact Contactor size 6
    • EasyPact Contactor size 3

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