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MiCOM S1 Studio

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MiCOM S1 Studio
  • Features

    Enter the New World of MiCOM S1 Studio
    Welcome to MiCOM S1 Studio, a major advance of the MiCOM S1 Setting Software for Automation products.  MiCOM S1 Studio will make your life easier by providing integrated configuration and monitoring features.  It has an intuitive and versatile interface with file management facilities.

    The current MiCOM S1 Studio brings enhanced usability while preserving the rich features of its previous versions.

    MiCOM S1 Studio Software Request
    A link to download the MiCOM S1 studio software can be found by clicking Software/Firmware in the Downloads menu.

    Installation Guideline for Upgrading (Maintaining Installed Data Models)
    As you can run only one MiCOM S1 Studio installation on your PC, you first need to remove an older version.

    Use Windows® Control Panel to call the MiCOM S1 Studio setup wizard.

    • Press ‘Yes’ when asked whether you want to remove the application and all pertaining features.
    • Press ‘No’ when asked whether you want to remove the data models from your disk.
    • The wizard will remove all programs of MiCOM S1 Studio.
    • Close the wizard, close the Control Panel.
    • Run the new MiCOM S1 Studio installation executable.
    • Select all options as done for the installation before.
    • Do not agree to launch the Data Model Manager.

    As soon as the wizard finishes, you are able to launch MiCOM S1 Studio and open your existing projects.

    User Programmable Curve Tool Application Software:
    The User Programmable Curve Tool provides the following features:

    • Creation of user-defined curves and flexible download/upload of operating and reset curves into/from MiCOM Px4x range of relays.
    • User-friendly graphical user interface for easy creation and visualization of curves either by inputting formula or data points.

    Contractual warranty

    Period : 2 years

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