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    Customer Story: ABUS Crane Systems

    Intelligent, DIGITAL solution for modular, standard cranes

    Designing ABUControl, their intelligent modular crane control system based on EcoStruxure Machine, ABUS is well positioned to leverage the DIGITAL power of the Industrial Internet of Things.

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    Wireless Technology — Changing the Face of Safety Applications

    Whether for hoisting or machine building, wireless remote control systems increase operator safety and mobility.

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    • ABUS Crane Systems

      Leading crane builder uses EcoStruxure Machine to develop intelligent, modular crane control system

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    Wireless Technology — Changing the Face of Safety Applications

    Whether for hoisting or machine building, wireless remote control systems increase operator safety and mobility. Learn more

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    The Challenge

    ABUS Crane Systems is one of the leading manufacturers of crane systems in Europe. Every year, it produces more than 5,000 cranes in 50 different versions, supplies more than 35,000 customers in Germany and exports to 55 countries around the world.
    One size does not fit all where cranes are concerned, however, and each crane that ABUS builds differs in design, size, number of drives and functions.
    To be competitive and meet their customers' demands, ABUS faced:
    • Numerous requirements for highly complex and customised crane systems
    • The need to standardise modules to achieve the shortest production time possible
    • The ability to operate quickly, independent of time zones and location, by leveraging advancements like digital data processing for preventive maintenance and repair


    The Solution

    Apps, Analytics and Services:  ABUControl intelligent crane control, expert delivery services 
    Edge Control: Modicon M221, M241, M251 controllers, XPSMC safety controller, EcoStruxure Machine Expert 
    Connected Products: Altivar drives, Altivar power regeneration, Phaseo ABL power supplies, TeSys motor-protective circuit-breakers and contactors, OsiSense sensors, XU photoelectric switches, XS inductive encoders 

    EcoStruxureTM Machine: The breadth of the portfolio can address all the needs of ABUS' customers. It also serves as the foundation for further exploiting the potential of the IIoT in ABUS' cranes.
    Hoisting expertise and collaboration at all stages: From drafting requirements, concept development and proposing innovative solutions with new functionalities and features, to programming, testing and final validation
    The result: ABUControl, an intelligent modular crane control system based on EcoStruxureTM Machine. All required crane functions can be implemented with just two standard modules — from simple to complex crane architectures, with several cranes and hoists. Machine options do not have to be programmed and the system parameters are set up quickly and easily in the crane control software.

    The Results

    • Efficient and fast series production, and larger quantities with high quality
    • Faster handling of crane production due to the standard implementation of all required crane functions using only two standard modules
    • Faster and more flexible new development — faster response to customer needs
    • Comfort and safety
    • Higher crane availability — reduced downtime
    • Energy savings of up to 40%

    The Modicon M241 control solution, together with networked frequency inverters, deliver added safety and convenience and reduce crane system downtime. With the regenerative unit of Altivar drives, energy generated during braking can be fed back into the grid, enabling energy savings of up to 40%.

    Digitisation: The further development of networked solutions and the collection and utilisation of data are the gateway to the IIoT, helping ABUS to open up additional opportunities—such as predictive maintenance and global service capabilities—to expand their business.

    Schneider Electric's solutions have helped ABUS become more competitive. Thanks to this co-operation, ABUS is introducing new and innovative hoisting developments that increase crane availability and enable targeted maintenance measures worldwide.