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    New e-book: Smart grid solutions

    Utilities must adapt smart grids to thrive in a decarbonized, digitized and decentralized world. Read how this will change the way we think about energy and how innovations, like EcoStruxure Grid, can provide a solution.

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    2050: carbon-neutral FUTURE

    Accelerating towards a carbon-neutral FUTURE is a bold ambition. Even more so when providing millions with clean energy means upgrading an aging national grid. Enel ensures success using Schneider EcoStruxure™ Grid.

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    Today’s utilities are evolving from managers of large, long-lived physical infrastructure into managers of data-point digitised infrastructures. However, legacy equipment and aging infrastructure work to slow down the evolution to a hybrid environment that includes both centralised and decentralised power structures.

    Smart grids will be vital to success, because they support tomorrow’s electricity-dependent world. While centralised power generation will remain critical to grid stability for decades to come, distributed energy resources (DERs), such as residential rooftop and community-scale solar arrays and storage, will become important for energy suppliers and supporters of system stability. Smart grids via the digitisation of distribution systems will drive the improvements in connectivity required for a more flexible and efficient control and transfer of electricity between:

    • Residential and commercial buildings’ switchboards and automated home devices
    • Distributed energy resources (DERs)
    • Energy communities (such as microgrids), their members and stakeholders
    • Utilities operating distribution grids, regional and connecting systems and participating in energy markets.

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    EcoStruxure™ for Electricity Companies

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    The Digital Grid: Unleashed

    The changes to the energy industry are both inevitable and radical. This free report offers recommendations for addressing the needs of a growing worldwide population while simultaneously tackling today’s priority of decarbonising global energy markets. > Read our report on The Digital Grid

    EcoStruxure™ Success Stories

    • Enel - Empowering a bright, connected future On their move towards a carbon-neutral FUTURE, Enel is upgrading the aging network and ensuring success with EcoStruxure™ Grid. See how
    • South Australia Power Networks - Facing the storm Schneider Electric partners with SA Power Networks to battle the most extreme environmental conditions. Discover more
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    Best Practices for Creating Your Smart Grid Network Model

    A real-time model of their distribution network enables utilities to implement Smart Grid strategies such as managing demand and integrating renewable energy sources. They build this model in an Advanced Distribution Management System (ADMS) based on accurate and up-to-date information of the distribution network infrastructure. Yet, a recent survey shows that less than 5% of utilities are confident about the quality of the network data. This paper discusses best practices for ensuring complete, correct, and current data for a Smart Grid network model. Read more
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