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How to use IONTEST to read a value from ION and PowerLogic meters?

Point of failures need to be eliminated when troubleshooting real-time-data issues.
IONTest will display the actual data being returned to the software from the device.
This makes it possible to determine whether it is the software or the device that is behaving incorrectly.

Product Line
CM3000/4000 family
PM800/700/600 family

ION Enterprise
Struxureware Power Monitoring (SPM)
Power Monitoring Expert (PME)

In order to retrieve data values from a device, you will need to know the handle of the output register of interest.
You can get this information from the ION Handles document located here.

NOTE: The ION Handles document is no longer being updated to list handles of newer firmware.
To find the exact handle needed, use ION Setup to display the handle number before starting IONTest.

Open a command prompt and navigate to the …<install path>…\system\bin folder.
· Specify the node name to use. Enter the node name exactly as it appears in the Management Console since the node name is case sensitive. For example,


Note: In versions of ION Enterprise prior to 6.0.1 if you enter a group name starting with a number, you will receive 1: Invalid method.

· To read a register from the meter, type:

0x<ion_handle> 21 void

· Replace <ion_handle> with a valid ION Handle in hexadecimal format In this example. 21 is the ION method number 21 which corresponds to ION_read_value and will return the value read from the specified ION register.

· If you get a value response from the device you will see the following:
  • 0x5800 21 void
    #Sent at: Mon Nov 01 15:23:20.173 2004
    #Recv at: Mon Nov 01 15:23:20.189 2004

IONTEST contains help information. Type .help while in the IONTEST prompt for a list of commands.

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