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How to troubleshoot an Over Heating Fault (OHF) on an Altivar Process Drive.

Published date: 18 May 2020

OHF fault on an Altivar Process Drive.

Product Line:
Altivar Process Drive (ATV630, ATV930, ATV650, ATV950, ATV660, ATV960, ATV680, ATV980)

All serial numbers for Altivar Process Drive

The OHF fault trip when drive thermal state " THD” reaches 118%, and it can be reset when the drive thermal state is less than 90%.
Read THD to know the drive state. [Display] [Drive parameters] [Drive Therm State]

OHF - Over Heating Fault

IP21/IP55 (ATVx30 and ATVx50)
  • Check to make sure heatsink fans are running.
    • If fans are not running check following:
      • Check Fan Management [Complete settings] [Maintenance] [Fan management]
        • Standard - Fan runs when drive is running (Default Setting)
        • Always - Fan runs when drive is powered on
        • Economy - Fan runs when necessary (According to drive thermal state)
          • When the drive thermal state (THD) or DC choke thermal state reach 70% the fan will start. The fan stops when THD is below 60% and DC choke thermal state is below 40%.
        • To test fan set to Always and see if it runs
      • Check fan ventilation for blockage
        • Remove fan carefully and make sure nothing obstructing the fan blades from rotating. (Document attached)
      • Apply necessary fan voltage to test fan and see if works.
        • Use external power supply to test fan if possible. Should use 24 vdc power supply.
        • If fan runs, fan is good and possible bad power board or other internal component in the drive. May need to further troubleshoot drive or replace it.
        • If fan does not run the fan is bad and would need to be replaced. List of fan part number below.


Drive Systems (ATVx60 and ATVx80)
  • Check to make sure heatsink fans are running.
  • Check 48 V Supply Board
    • Fan is power from Supply Board with 48 vdc coming in
    • Supply Board is powered with 460 Vac input power
Fan Part Numbers:
  • VX5VPM001 - Fan Kit, Connection Cables
  • VX5XPM002 - DC-Supply for Fan
  • VX5VPM003 - Enclosure Door Fan
  • VX4XPMC1180N4 - Fan Supply Board
The same part numbers for all Drive Systems but the quantity needed maybe different.

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