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Differentiate between BMENOC0321, BMENOC0311 and BMENOC0301

BMENOC0301 is a Modbus/ Ethernet communication module with an embedded web server.
In addition to the standard website, the BMENOC0311 module supports an expanded set of customizable web features called FactoryCast, which can be designed using the Web Designer for FactoryCast software.

BMENOC0321 is designed as a dedicated module for Control network. This module is the preferred entry point from the Control Network (SCADA) to a Device network (including RIO and distributed equipment) managed by a Modicon M580 PAC. The module provides network transparency and provides a direct Ethernet connection between the control room subnetwork and the automation devices subnetwork.

Apart from the features that BMENOC0301/0311 modules offer,  the BMENOC0321 has additional feature of defining two different subnets & IP forwarding. There are two subnets, one for the control network and one for the device network. The monitoring workstation on the control network can communicate with equipment on the device network through the BMENOC0321 control network module. The IP forward feature of the BMENOC0321 module manages Ethernet transparency between the control network and the device network.

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