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Is The polarity of terminal A1 and A2 from contactor Tesys Green is A1(+) and A2(-) or can customer connect any polarity in the A1 and A2.

On TeSys D with coil AC/DC (LCxDxxBNE or LCxDxxEHE or LCxDxxKUE or LCxDxxUSE), no need to respect polarity when controlled in DC. The poles  A1 and A2 are noted without sign + or -.
On TeSys D with coil DC only (LCxDBBE), the polarity shall be respected. The poles are noted A1+  and A2-.  In case the connections are reversed, the contactor won't close. However, this misconnection won't destroy the contactor. Correcting the wiring will fix the trouble.

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