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What can cause an tJF or IGBT overheating fault in the ATV630 and ATV930 drives?

What causes tJF or IGBT overheating fault on the Process Drives?

Product Line:
ATV630 and ATV930


IGBT is overheating or fans are not running.

IGBT Overheating Error
The thermal model of the IGBT thermal monitoring has detected an overheat. This function is protecting the IGBT's.

Probable causes
- Ambient temperature too high.
- Fans not funtioning properly or at all.
- Filter blocked.
- Inadequate ventilation.
- Motor wired incorrectly. Motor leads could be wired to the wrong windings on a dual-rated motor.

- Check the motor and load in relation to the drive. Make sure the horsepower and amperage ratings of the motor are not larger than those of the drive.
- Check the ventilation of the Drive and the ambient temperature.
- Reduce the switching frequency

Note: If, for example, motor leads are wired to the 230V windings on a motor when they should be wired to the 460V windings, it can increase current and overheat the IGBT's in the drive.
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