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What are the security modes supported in Vijeo XL

Published date: 31 July 2019

Vijeo XL supports four security modes:
Local Only
This is the standard mode for most projects: users and groups are created in the project development environment, and they apply only to the project for which they are created.
Distributed – Server
This is similar to Local Only, except that the project's security system configuration is also made available to other projects (that are set to Distributed – Client) on the same network. Furthermore, if the project loses its security system configuration for some reason, it can reimport the configuration from one of its client projects.
Distributed – Client
When this mode is selected, the project gets its entire security system configuration from another project (that is set to Distributed – Server) on the same network. The project caches this configuration and can continue to run even if it loses communication with the server project.
Domain (LDAP)
The Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) is a recognized standard for managing users and groups across many different applications on a network. When this mode is selected, the project gets its users and groups from an LDAP-compliant domain server, such as Microsoft Active Directory for Windows or OpenLDAP for Linux. However, only the user names, passwords, and group memberships are taken from the domain; specific rights for each group must still be configured within the project.

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