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PME 2020 - the 'Help' link does not work in some places in Web Applications if PME does not use 'Web' as virtual root

If PME is installed and does not use ‘Web’ as the virtual root name, then the Help link does not work at the following locations in the web applications
Settings à Alarms à Notifications
Settings à System à Device Manager

Product Line
Power Monitoring Expert 2020

Web Application - Settings Help Link

In some places, the Help link is hard-coded to use the default virtual root name (Web) and does not use the virtual root name that was chosen when PME was installed

To workaround this issue, the URL can be manually modified to include the actual virtual root name as shown in the example below:
For Example:
If "PME" is added in the Virtual root during PME 2020 installation and

Clicking on "Help" directs to "https://SERVERNAME/Web/Help/en/Content/6%20Operating/WebApps/Event%20Notification/EventNotification_Operation.htm"
then manually change the "Web" to "PME" in url:

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